What are those pods in the lobby?

Two local designers have created “pods” or reading stations to preview a surprise. The installation is situated inside the lobby of Theatre Junction Grand (608 1 St SW, Calgary.) Each designer has reflected upon the the notion of “fold”, shaping an object with a unique experience.

The two pod designers are:
Plywood Arch: by Atelier JCGF
statement: Design is a thorough exercise from which we too often only see the outside, the finished product. Design at the scale of a city, of architecture, is among us, within us and cannot be ignored. We experience it inside out. Take a plane, turn it on itself. By the bend, sheet material becomes structure, flexibility translates to rigidity, space awakens. Then take it back, fold it flat again, take it away. This is my take on the theme of the fold, my way to attract you to discover the inside of design.

Atelier JCGF is a small-scale workshop that focuses on experiential installations, sensible architecture and minimalist dwellings. Started in Calgary, it recently relocated to Montréal.

image (c) Jesus Martin Ruiz  

image (c) Jesus Martin Ruiz



Geometric Canvas Booth: by Jennifer Bassett
Statement: This pod investigates how the fold can envelope a private space. Created from light weight materials, this modular design can be transported to many locations to initiate a private viewing experience within the public realm.

Jennifer Bassett is a recent graduate of the University of Calgary’s Architecture program. Jennifer is interested in executing the design and build of ranging scales, from lighting installations to community art exhibitions to architectural renovations. With focus on material study and investigation, she sets out to bridge architectural method with artistic form. The result of her experimentation strives to create functional objects that hybridize innovation and aesthetic with playfulness and material minimalism.

Visit the installation through June 5th, 2017.
Attend the launch event if you can.

Production credits:
Lindsay Fischer - Installation Project Manager
Jennifer Bassett - Designer
Atelier JCGF - Designer