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Your call.

How does the city move you? Share what makes your city special

Sometimes we’re so focused on change that we lose track of what’s working and what makes us feel proud to live where we do. We think it’s time to celebrate how movement feels…what it’s actually like to move within your neighbourhood.

Tell us what makes you feel connected to a place. What makes the city feel friendly? What place can we linger? Where would you tell a visitor is a must-see?

How to participate:

  • Take a picture to show how the city moves you

  • Or, write a short description of what’s remarkable

  • Share your image, story, or verse via social media with #dtalksmove. We’ll reply and ask your permission to enter into the pool for exhibition development.

  • You can also share your image/story via email to hello(at)

All images and stories submitted will be considered for a feature in an exhibition in 2019.