Our Committees

We say it takes a village

 (c)Jesus Martin Ruiz

(c)Jesus Martin Ruiz


From empty offices to parking garages and a few theatres in-between, be a part of producing an event.

  • Coordinator: Sarah Bramley

  • Volunteer Coord.: Christina Michayluk

  • Stage Production: Lynn Machacek

 (c)Jesus Martin Ruiz

(c)Jesus Martin Ruiz


Join us in sharing the talk that makes d.talks a public forum.

  • Social Media Committee

  • Ambassador Program

  • Communications Committee

 (C)Jesus Martin Ruiz

(C)Jesus Martin Ruiz


Help us find irresistible design, planning, architecture and urbanism books to fill our Shelf Life shelf. Our partnership with this local business keeps us well-read and informed.

Coordinator: Alison McReynolds

 (c)Lauda Images

(c)Lauda Images


Our research committee is dedicated to advancing ideas about architecture and urbanism.

Chair: Vera Parlac


Pilot Projects

Do you like to coordinate, organize and project manage? Join our committee that produces our test projects and small event pilots.

Coordinator: Tyler Henderson

 (c)Ernest Hon

(c)Ernest Hon


Help produce exhibitions and installations. Being handy with a level and a hammer are good.

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Want to write a review or edit copy? Join our FOLD publication editor committee.

Editors: Kwangyul Choi, Mark Erickson, Mariam Hussain, Hyeseung Jung, Sergio veyzga, (Phil Wilson)


Behind the scenes, help us organize, label and archive event data.