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Critical Writing Workshop


Workshop: June 3-5
Submission deadline: April 7

Thanks to each of you submitting an application. Participants will be announced May 5.

We're seeking participants to join a weekend-long critical writing workshop. Over the course of three days, the workshop will expand ideas of criticism and explore the new definitions of what makes critical writing accessible. We will break from traditional “review” or “critique” structures and look at new models. For example, can a critical perspective fit into 140 characters? Through observational and experiential exercises, this workshop will help participants reframe the production of critical writing and draw on alternative media digital tools, and performance techniques.

Participants will read texts, do fieldwork, research, and writing with constraint exercises as we look at new ways to produce critical writing and develop a collective criticism.

The workshop will take place June 3-5. Participants will be selected by a jury and notified of acceptance into the workshop by May 5. There is no charge for the workshop.


About the workshop leader:
Mimi Zeiger is a Los Angeles-based critic, editor, and curator. Her work is situated at the intersection architecture and media cultures. She has covered art, architecture, urbanism, and design for a number of publications including The New York Times, Domus, Architectural Review, and Architect, where she is a contributing editor. She is a regular opinion columnist for Dezeen and former West Coast Editor of The Architects Newspaper. Zeiger is the 2015 recipient of the Bradford Williams Medal for excellence in writing about landscape architecture. Zeiger is author of New Museums, Tiny Houses, Micro Green: Tiny Houses in Nature, and Tiny Houses in the City. In 1997, Zeiger founded loud paper, an influential zine and digital publication dedicated to increasing the volume of architectural discourse.

About the jury:
Donna Brunsdale is an artist and filmmaker. She recently co-produced and co-directed the documentary, Flexie! All The Same And All Different, a film about the landscape paintings of Levine Flexhaug. Her films have been exhibited and screened in galleries and festivals across Canada and abroad. She has taught art and film at several post-secondary institutions. She lives in Calgary and is a founding member of Calgary Cinematheque.

Käthe Lemon is the Editor in Chief of Avenue, a monthly city lifestyle magazine in Calgary. A magazine editor for more than 15 years, she has been with Avenue since 2006 and was named Editor of the Year by the Alberta Magazine Publisher’s Association in 2011. She is a founding member of the Amber Webb-Bowerman Memorial Foundation, a registered charity that provides scholarships and awards for student writing programs. She has been a board member of a number of non-profits including the Rotary Park Lawn Bowls Club and the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association, and she is an advisory committee member to Attainable Homes Calgary Corporation.

Vera Parlac is an architect and educator focusing on integrative approach to design and practice. She is a registered architect in Pennsylvania, USA, and an assistant professor at the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary. Vera is one of the cofounders of the Laboratory for Integrative Design (LID), a design research laboratory where design is engaged as a broadly integrative endeavor by fluidly navigating across different disciplinary territories. Prior to her appointment in Calgary, she taught at Temple University in Philadelphia and in Hong Kong. Vera has worked in architectural firms in Philadelphia, Toronto, Boston, Miami, and Los Angeles, including Carlos Zapata Design Studio and Kieran Timberlake Associates.

This workshop is supported in part by a CADA Small Experiments grant.  Submission of interest deadline: Friday, April 7 4:00pm MST.

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