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PLACEHOLDER: Translation

Join d.talks, in collaboration with Esker Foundation, in an exciting new pilot program called PLACEHOLDER. This is an unconventional book club where we present the theme of the night and you bring your own book, poem, or object that you feel best articulates the theme. Attendees are encouraged to share their interpretation of the theme to develop the conversation.



Friday June 17,  6:30 - 8:30 pm
Esker Foundation 1011 9 Ave SE #444, Calgary AB
Reservation REQUIRED



This is an opportunity for Calgarians to critically discuss and identify how our city and citizens affect and are impacted by local and global themes born out in the work of Esker's current exhibiting artists. Let's form a new narrative in Calgary together!

Visit Esker Foundation to see Wafaa Bilal:168:01, Etienne Zack, and Richard Ibghy & Marilou Lemmens.
PLACEHOLDER theme: Translation
Translation: noun trans·la·tion \tran(t)s-ˈlā-shən, tranz-\ : “The communication of the meaning of source-language text by means of equivalent target-language text.”

In its essence, translation is the act of meta-phrasing, a “word for word translation” which is an imperfect concept, the given word in a given language often carries more than one meaning; conversely, a given meaning in a given language may be represented by more than one word. Although translating is often associated within the realm of language, more elemental to the idea of translating is the idea of sharing will/thoughts from one person to another. This thought, through one’s intent can also be translated into objects via design and craft or represented in pictures, paintings or sculptures or be embedded in our spatial environment.

Objects are an extension of language. Let’s explore this imperfect practice of how we bring ideas across in our culture through its various manifestations including, but not limited to, the built form.

Free event. Reservation required.


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