Award Winners

2018 MOVEMENT Call for Ideas

Seeking for ideas to improve human connection with mobility, and in the context of the new Green Line Light Rail Transit (LRT) in Calgary, d.talks and The City of Calgary launched the MOVEMENT call for ideas last summer. The search for new, provocative ideas, was completed in January, when the jury selected the winning entries. 

The members of the jury: Giovanna Borasi (Canadian Centre for Architecture), Amanda Hurley (City Lab), Brigitte Shim (Shim-Sutcliffe Architects), Don Mulligan (Transportation Planner), Nabeel Ramji (Bricolage Calgary), Cowboy Smithx (Iiniistsi Treaty Arts Society) and Marianna Vaidman Stone (Gehl Institute), selected one overall winner and seven category winners.

the winning Ideas will be on display in calgary from May 23 through June 14, 2019.

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overall winner

“Metabolic Movements: Recovering Riparia through Slow Flows” by Tawab Hlimi

Metabolic Movements.jpg

Metabolic Movements: Recovering Riparia through Slow Flows by Tawab Hlimi is an idea about slow infrastructure that juxtaposes two layers of movement: that of complete streets optimized for pedestrian and bicycle safety, along with a layer of stormwater flows that considers daylighting the Confederation Creek. Linked through the common flows of people and water, road and riparian corridors are visualized as a hybrid metabolic network, integrating geographic notions of ‘place’ with infrastructural imperative of ‘performance’.



The Seven Categories