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18 November

2018 MOVEMENT Call for Ideas

We’re seeking ideas about the future of how people will move throughout their city and the community that they will convene. This call seeks ideas on the future of movement for all people in the city. Choose something to improve. Let transit be the vector of change. Your idea submission is the story of how to instigate that change.



  • Overall Winner $5,000 (CAD)

  • Seven Category Awards at $1,500 (CAD)

This is an ideas competition aimed at generating conceptual thought and provocative thinking. The ideas will become part of a platform for conversation and debate. All winning ideas will be exhibited to the public and part of a series of discussions as well as published online and in print. 



The Seven Categories


The jury will review submissions based on the following criteria:

  • Responsiveness to the goals of the competition

  • Design excellence and clear articulation of an idea

  • Incorporation of diverse perspectives of movement to reflect inclusion and the variety of community and public needs



The aim of the call for ideas is to generate new approaches to movement in Calgary.  We’re hoping to break down barriers in order to build a more connected, inclusive and accessible city. We’re looking for ideas that consider independence and mobility as a quality of life choice and something connected to not only where we live, but how.

The instigation for this call is a new light rail line, the Green Line, that follows the city’s first light rail lines built in the early 1980s. Since considerations around connectivity have evolved in the past few decades, we wanted to provoke this question of movement further into the future. What community connection might be rekindled if the option to live an entire week with everything one needs within 800 metres?  How can the nature and scale of a public transit system challenge assumptions of distance and how people gather?